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Grandpa’s Trunk 祖父的行李箱


Marilyn, you want coffee or tea? Marilyn 要要咖啡还是
Coffee, please. 请来点咖啡。
I am so excited! 我感到好兴奋
At this time tomorrow morning, 明早这时候
Grandpa will be sitting in the kitchen with us. 爷爷就和我们乙黄 坐在厨房 啦。
When does he arrive? 他什麽时候到
At six o’clock this evening. 今晚六点。
By plane? 坐飞机来
No, by train. 不 坐火车。
Are we picking him up at the station? 我们要去车站浇 他吗
Not Grandpa. 爷爷不是这种
He doesn’t want anybody picking him up. 他不愿意让别热 接他
He likes to be independent. 他独立性很强
Huh. 哦。
Oh, let’s go upstairs and prepare Grandpa’s room. 对 我们上去鬃急敢幌 爷爷的房间。
Great! Let’s do it! 好 我们去
Good morning, Mom. 早安 妈妈。
Morning. 早安。
Well, hi, fellas. 你们大家好。
Hello. 哈 。
Hi, honey. 嗨 亲爱的。
Morning, Marilyn. 早安 Marilynn。
We are going upstairs to set up Grandpa’s room. 我们要上楼收适 一下爷爷的房间。
There’s coffee ready. 咖啡准备好了
I’m really excited about seeing Grandpa. 一想到要见到乙 我就觉得兴奋。
Me, too. Milk, please. 我也一样。请档 给我牛奶。
He’s so funny. 他很逗趣
He always makes me laugh. 他总是让我笑
I hope Grandpa’s going to like living with us. 我希望爷爷喜换 和我们住在一起。
I think he will. 我想会的。
It just takes time to feel comfortable in a new place. 总是需要一段适奔 才能适应一个新的环境。
Won’t he miss being in Florida? 他不会想念佛侣 里达吗
Well, he will. 他会的。
But I think he’ll like being here with the family. 但我想他也会舷不 和全家人住在这儿。
But I think he’ll like being here with the family. 但我想他也会舷不 和全家人住在这儿。
Are you sure about that? 你真的这麽想
It’s crazy here most of the time. 这儿经常吵吵哪帜帧
But it’s fun. 但很有趣。
That’s for sure. 说的也是。
You know, 我说
maybe I’ll put together some photos of Grandpa 或许我把爷爷档 一些照片组合起来
as a “welcome” present. 作为欢迎他的乙环 礼物。
That’s a neat idea. 这是个好主意
What can I do? 那我能做点什鼢崮
I’ve got it! 有啦
I have a picture of Grandpa and Dad and me in my wallet. 我皮夹 有一照耪掌 是爷爷 爸爸和我在一起照的。
It’s from the Fathers and Sons’ Breakfast 那是在父子早膊突 上拍的
at my junior high school graduation. 在我初中毕业档 时候。
Oh, I remember this picture. 噢 我还记得照 张照片。
I’d really like to pick up Grandpa at the railroad station. 我真想去火车照窘 爷爷。
Railroad stations or airports– 无论是火车站换故 机场
Grandpa always tells us he’ll get here by himself. 爷爷总是说他换嶙 个儿设法到这 。
He’s something! 他真了不起
Is this all Grandpa’s stuff? 这 面都是爷乙 的东西吗
That’s it. 是的。
But I’m sure he has a few bags with him on the train. 不过我相信他栽 火车上还有几件行李的。
What’s inside? 这 面是什麽
What’s inside? 这 面是什麽
I don’t know. It’s locked. 不知道 锁著哪亍
Hi. 嗨
Oh, hi, darling. 哦 亲爱的。
Morning, Philip. 早安 Philip
I want to put some of my good hangers in Grandpa’s closet. 我想在爷爷的乙鲁 放几个好的衣架。
You know I’m very excited about his arrival. 知道我对他档牡嚼 是多麽兴奋。
We are, too. 我们也很兴奋
Susan called early this morning. Susan一大早打打电话来
She’s unhappy 她很不高兴
because she’s had to go to Chicago on a business trip 因为她得到芝 加哥出差
and can’t leave till tonight. 而且要到今晚膊 能脱身。
She wants to be here for Grandpa. 她原希望在此档 爷爷。
Well, Grandpa will be disappointed, too. 爷爷也会感到适 望。
He loves Susan. 他喜欢Susan。
She always reminds him of Grandma. Susan总是让他他想起奶奶
Well, how’s everything here? 唔 东西都收适 好了吗
Fine. We were just wondering about this trunk. 好啦。我们正哪擅 这只大衣箱呢。
It’s locked. 它锁著。
Oh. I have the key. Grandpa sent it to me. 啊。钥匙在这 。爷爷寄来给我的。

He doesn’t want anybody picking him up.
He likes to be independent.
I think that’s good.
He’s got his own way of doing things.
He likes to take care of himself.
I guess you’re right.
He’s so funny. He always makes me laugh.
I guess he has a good sense of humor.
Yeah, I bet he’s a lot of fun.
Grandpa always tells us he’ll get here by himself.
He’s something.
In my opinion, he’s a very special man. What do you think?
Well, I believe I’m going to like him. But…
But what?
Won’t he miss being in Florida?
Well, he will. But I think he’ll like being here with the family.
I suppose he’ll miss his home in Florida and his independence.
I suppose you’re right. But what about you?
What do you think?
What kind of man is Grandpa?
What do you imagine he’s like?
Why is he moving away from Florida?
And how does he feel about moving to Riverdale?
What do you think?
Let’s see.


Excuse me. Is this seat taken? 对不起 请问照 个座位有人吗
No, it’s not taken. 没有 没人坐
Oh, thank you. 啊 谢谢
Oh, let me help you with this. 来 我帮 放汉谩
Oh, thank you. 谢谢你。
Do you want to sit by the window? 想靠窗坐吗
No, no, no. I like the aisle seat better. 不 不 不。挝蚁 欢坐在靠过道的地方。
Please, you sit by the window. 你请靠窗坐。
My name is Stewart… Malcolm Stewart. 我姓Stewart………Malcolm Stewart
Pleased to meet you. 很高兴遇见
I’m Elsa Tobin. How do you do? 我叫Elsa Tobiin 你好。
Do you live in New York? 住在纽约吗
No, no. I’m from Florida. 不 我从佛罗 里达来的。
I am, too. But didn’t you just get on? 我也是。可是 不是刚上车的吗
No, no. I just changed my seat. 不 不。我刚膊 换了一下座位。
A man next to me was smoking, 我旁边的那个热顺
and smoke really bothers me. 我受不了。
Where are you from in Florida? 你从佛罗里达档 什麽地方来
Titusville. It’s near Orlando. Titusville 栽贠rlando附近。
Small world. I’m from Titusville, too. 世界真小。我乙彩谴覶itusville来的。
Really? What part? 真的 什麽地
My husband and I live near Spaceport. 我和我丈夫住栽赟paceport附近。
I know that area. 我知道那地方
My house is only a few miles from Spaceport. 我的家离Spaceeport只有几哩路。
Do you still live there? 还住在那儿
Oh yes, yes. My husband’s there now. 啊 对 对。挝 丈夫现在就在那儿。
He couldn’t take time off to come to New York with me. 他走不开 没鞍 法和我一 来纽约。
Do you still live there? 你现在还住那抖
No. I sold the house and the furniture, 不。我把房子汉图 俱都卖了
put a few personal things in an old trunk, 剩下一些东西贩 进一个旧衣箱
and shipped it to my children in New York. 运到我孩子那抖 去了 他们住在纽约。
That’s my destination. 那是我要去的档 方。
Are you married? 你有家室吗
My wife died four years ago. 我妻子四年前热 世了。
She was a wonderful woman. A real friend. 她是个很好的排 一个真正的朋友。
I’m sorry. Really, I’m sorry. 我为你难过 照 的为你难过。
I’m sorry. Really, I’m sorry. 我为你难过 照 的为
Lots of wonderful memories. 留下的是许多妹 好的回忆。
We were married almost fifty years. 我们结婚将近挝 十年。
Well, forty-seven, to be exact. 准确点说 四适 七年。
John and I celebrate our fortieth anniversary next month. 下个月John和挝医 庆祝我们的结婚四十 年纪念。
Oh, congratulations! That’s nice. 啊 恭喜你们 太好了。
What does John do? John现在做什鼢崾
He’s an aerospace engineer 他担任航太工吵淌
and works for Orlando Aircraft Corporation. 为Orlando飞机机公司工作
He started with them almost forty years ago. 他在那 做了靠 四十年了。
What do you do? 你现在做什麽构ぷ
I just retired. Had my own company. 我刚退休。我栽 来开一家公司
A construction company. Roads, bridges, big stuff. 一家营造公司 P蘼 筑桥 都是大工程。
But I just sold it and retired. 我前不久把它侣袅 然後退休。
Excuse me, ma’am. Ticket, please. 对不起 太太 车票请拿出来看一下。
Would you kindly hold these keys, please? 请帮我拿一下栽砍住
I have a ticket, I know. 我知道我有车破薄
I was in the smoking section. 我原本坐在吸 车厢的。
It’s OK, lady. Take your time. 没关 太太 B 慢来。
I’m sure it’s in your purse, Mrs. Tobin. 我相信是在 档 皮包 Tobin太太。
Oh, here it is. 哦 在这 。
And here are your keys. 的钥匙。
Thank you. 谢谢。
Thank you. 谢谢。
Do you have family in New York? 在纽约有亲热寺
No, no. But I do have very close friends in New York City. 没有。我在纽栽加 很要好的朋友。
We like to go to the theater together. 我们常一起去靠 戏。
You said you have family in New York. 你说你在纽约佑星 人。
Yes, indeed. 对 没错。
A son and his wife and their three children– 有个儿子 还佑 儿媳妇以及 们的三个孩子
my grandchildren. 我的孙儿女们
You must be excited. 您一定很兴奋
I can’t wait, to see them! 我恨不得马上技 到他们。
Are you going to live with them? 您打算和他们乙黄 住吗
Yes. 对。
Permanently? 一直住下去
Well… they want me to, 这……他们希屯 这样。
but it’s too early to know for sure. 但我现在还不哪 决定。
I’m pretty independent. 我是独立性很乔 的人。
I tried to teach my kids the importance of independence, 我总是告诫孩鬃用 独立的重要。
but I’m not sure I want to be alone. 但我不知道我适 否想一个人生活。
Some people don’t mind being alone. I do. 有些人不在乎抖 自生活 我在乎。
I understand. But tell me. 我能理解。告怂呶
Why did you stop working? 你为什麽要退
I retired because… I wanted to be with my family. 我退休是因为  …我想和全家人在一起。
I didn’t want to be alone anymore! 我不想再一个热 独自生活了。
I didn’t want to be alone anymore! 我不想再一个热 独自生活了。

What’s your name?
My name is Stewart… Malcolm Stewart.
Pleased to meet you. What’s your name?
I’m Elsa Tobin. How do you do?
How do you do? Where do you live?
In Titusville.
Where do you live?
Small world. I’m from Titusville, too.
It’s a small, small world. How do you do?
Are you married? Yes or no?
Please tell me. Let me know.
John and I celebrate our 40th anniversary next month.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
What do you do?
Are you a doctor, a farmer, a mailman,
a lawyer, an artist, a salesman, a businessman
or a preacher, a high school teacher?
I just retired.
Do you have family in New York?
Do you have family in New York?
Yes, indeed.
I’m pleased to meet you. Pleased to meet you.
How do you do? I’m pleased to meet you.


Ladies and gentlemen, 各位女士 各挝 先生
Amtrak is happy to announce our arrival in New York City. 我们很高兴报父嬷钗 Amtrak火车就要到达纽约了。
The train will be stopping in five minutes. 火车将在五分种 後靠站
Please check to be sure you have your belongings. 请记得带您的行 李。
And have a good stay in the Big Apple. 祝您在纽约愉 快。
Thank you. 谢谢。
Well, here we are. 好了 终於到览病
It was so nice meeting you, Mr. Stewart. 很高兴遇见你 Stewart先生。
And nice meeting you, too, Mrs. Tobin. 我也很高兴见档 Tobin太太。
Please look us up. 请和我们联络
We’re in the phone book. 我们家的电话汉怕 可以在电话簿上查到。
Dr. Philip Stewart, in Riverdale. Philip Stewarrt大夫 在Riverdale 。
Your son? 你的儿子
That’s right. And have a good time in New York. 对。祝 在纽 约玩得愉快。
And don’t be so independent. 不要再坚持独亮 个性了
You’re very lucky to have a caring family. 你很幸运有一父 温馨的家庭。
When can we go fishing? 我们什麽时候热 钓鱼
Robbie, we’ll go fishing soon, Robbie啊 我妹 很快就会去。
and we’ll take your dad with us. 带你爸爸也一破 去。
I’m ready, Grandpa. You name the day. 我准备好啦 乙 爷。哪一天随你挑吧。
That’s a great idea, Grandpa! 这太好了 爷乙
Philip needs a day off. Philip需要休 假。
Let’s give him our presents–now. 现在把我们的览 物送给爷爷吧。
Good idea. 好。
Presents–for me? 礼物 给我的
From me and Marilyn. Marilyn和我送送的
And this one’s from me. 这张是我送的
I looked all over the house to find it. 我找遍了整间挝葑硬耪 到它。
Richard, these are terrific pictures. Richard这些照照片真棒
This one really brings back memories. 这一张的确唤 起了许多的回忆。
You remember that day, Robbie? 你还记得那天侣 Robbie
I sure do. It was fun. 当然。当时真佑 意思。
Oh, I’m sorry Susan isn’t here. 啊 可惜Susann不在。
I miss her very much. 我非常想她。
I miss her very much. 我非常想她。
She feels bad, too, Grandpa. 她也很沮丧 乙 爷。
She called to say the plane was delayed. 她打电话回来 告诉我们飞机误点。
You know airports. 机场的事你是种 道的。
I can’t wait to see her. 我等不及要见怂
She looks just like Grandma at that age. 她和她奶奶年乔 时候长得一模一样。
I’d better unpack. 我还是先把行览 打开吧。
I started traveling twenty-four hours ago. 从出门到现在乙 经二十四小时了。
I’m not so young anymore. 我不再那麽年乔 了。
Don’t you want something to eat? 您想吃点什麽
No, thanks. 不用了 谢谢
After a good night’s sleep, I’ll enjoy breakfast even more. 好好睡一觉 妹 早吃早餐会更香。
Well, come on, Dad. 好 来吧 爸
Ellen and I’ll take you to your room. Ellen和我带你你去你房间
I’m sure glad you’re here, Grandpa. 您来这 我真父咝 爷爷。
Good night, Grandpa. 晚安 爷爷。
Pleasant dreams. 祝你有个好梦
Philip, do you have the key to the trunk? Philip 衣箱箱的钥匙在你那
I have the key, but it doesn’t work. 我有钥匙 但适强 不开箱子。
I sent the wrong key. 我寄错了钥匙
I have something for you. I made it myself. 我有件东西给哪忝 是我亲手做的。
I think you’ll enjoy it. 我想你们会喜换 的。
I researched it for over a year. 我研究了一年抖唷
I researched it for over a year. 我研究了一年抖唷
It’s our family tree. 这是我们的家破住
Oh, Grandpa! How exciting! 啊 爷爷 真亮瞬 起。
Fabulous! 真是令人难以种 信。
Why, I didn’t know that your grandfather was born in Germany. 你看 我竟然膊 知道您的爷爷出生在德国。
Lots of interesting information about our family. 面很多我们技 有趣的东西呢
A gift from me. 这是我的一件览 物。
Thank you so much. 太感谢你了。
Grandpa! Grandpa! 爷爷 爷爷
Oh, Grandpa, I’m so happy to see you! 啊 爷爷 见档 您我真高兴。
Oh, you look so beautiful, Susan. My granddaughter. 啊 真漂亮 Susan 我的好孙女。
Like I always said, you look just like Grandma. 我老是说 照嫦 奶奶。
I think you’re going to be very happy here with us. 我想你和我们鬃 在一起会很愉快的。
I know you will. 我想你会的。
I don’t feel alone anymore. 我再也不觉得构露 了。

Malcolm Stewart is not alone anymore.
That’s for sure.
In fact,
he’ll have his family around him every day of his life now.
Finding some peace and quiet may be a little difficult.
But my father won’t be lonely anymore.
He has me,
Philip Stewart, nearby and the rest of his family.
He has Ellen, his daughter-in-law.
You know, I met Ellen
when I was a student of the University of Michigan.
Later she became my wife.
We have three children now.
Our oldest son is a photographer.
Richard is very talented, like his grandfather.
Marilyn is talented too. She designs clothing.
Marilyn is Richard’s wife
and she’s also a sister-in-law to Susan.
Susan is my daughter.
Susan reminds us of her grandmother,
Bernice Cassidy Stewart, my mother.
She was kind, intelligent and loveable, like Susan.
Susan has two brothers, Richard and Robert.
We call him Robbie. He’s our other son.
He loves his grandfather very much.
Well, that’s our family, the Stewarts.
Did you follow me? Let’s see.
Who is my daughter? That’s it. Susan is my daughter.
How about this?
Who is Robbie’s grandfather?
Malcolm is Robbie’s grandfather.
Okay, who is Susan’s sister-in-law?
Marilyn is Susan’s sister-in-law.
That’s right.
Well, that’s our family and I love them all

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